Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Live Through This

Live Through This, 2007-2015, oil on shaped wood panel, 63 x 120"

Live Through This, New Work by Stephanie Mercado
Saturday, December 5, 2015 - January 9, 2016

Live Through Thispresents a new kind of history painting.  After her family lost their home, in the 2007 housing market crash, she was forced to reevaluate the proverbial “American Dream”, and the belief that hard work and determination is the road to success.  Live through This is comprised of work that examines real-estate and identity construction, with a contemporary twist.
Reminiscent of imagery found in historical European art, Mercado examines and interprets how history is recorded by changing the narrative.  Her figures live in a world where contrasting elements like 18th century wigs, vintage petticoats stamped with Louis Vuitton’s monogram or textile patterns designed by the artist, Air Jordan sneakers, and contemporary American celebrities coexist.  The narrative is constructed with a visual language that references historical paintings, contemporary art, fashion, video games and cartoons to create images that question the origins and the transformation of our values.

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