Monday, December 2, 2013

I'm mentioned in Entertainment Weekly's - 2013 Hollywood Design Report - November 22nd Issue

Have you ever watched a TV show or a movie and found yourself focusing on the background or set location more than the actors? I have. I've often wondered how set designers and location managers committed to making certain decisions. It takes a detail oriented person to construct a visual narrative around characters in a production. They have to consider what kind of characters they are or construct their back story while being mindful about not including items that would be too distracting to the audience. 

Thanks to the South Pasadena Arts Center, some of my art work found a home on the set of the hit television series Modern Family.  Entertainment Weekly's Holiday Design Report - 2013 takes a tour of  Modern Family's set. The spread breaks down the elements that come to play in creating the environment for the actors of the show. The section highlighted as "Art Appreciation" depicts a couple of my drypoint prints hanging in the center of an eclectic arrangement in the Dunphy family's home. It's an honor to not only be credited by Entertainment Weekly, but also to be a part of a successful American sitcom with a large following. I hope that the sets of the show become as iconic as the sets I viewed when I was a child on sitcoms like "The Cosby Show",  "Married with Children" or "Roseanne". 
I will never forget what it was like to enter the homes of those families and feel as if I was getting to know them personally. I'm happy to be a part of this and look forward to seeing my work on set. Thanks to the design team for including me!