Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Natural Child - Art - Fashion - LACMA and ME

I am happy to have been able to contribute to the following article on Art and Fashion that was featured in Natural Child Magazine's July / August 2013 issue. 
The article discusses the collaboration between art and fashion, and the role that museums such as the Los Angeles County's Museum of Art plays in furthering the dialogue between the two. It questions the controversy behind the marriage of the two and the future of the Fashion world in relationship to the Art world. 

The article references and quotes my ideas about the importance of validating fashion designers and creative people who have contributed greatly to the arts, to design, to film, to music etc. 

My words follow directly under the caption "New Artists, New Ideas" and continue under the caption "A Marriage of Creative Minds" and the "Future of Art and Fashion". Please click on the images to read the article and please visit the magazine's website for additional information. 

Natural Child - Natural Fashion - "Blurred Lines : A Conversation between Art and Fashion" by Jessica Gagliardi July / August 2013 issue