Monday, April 22, 2013

New Print Completed during my residency with Coronado Studios, Austin TX for the Serie Print Project XX

The print pictured above was completed through the generosity of Coronado Studios in Austin, TX. For the last twenty years Sam Coronado has been a pioneering voice for the arts community in Austin. Every year he selects a group of artists to create a work for the Serie Print Project, resulting in a diverse collection of prints that gives Latino, Latina, Chicano and Chicana artists a platform for their creative voice.  

Once the prints have been editioned and signed by the artists the suite of prints is displayed in an annual exhibition at the Mexic-Arte Museum in downtown Austin. The artists included in the 20th anniversary suite, or Serie Print Project XX are: 
Farley Bookout, Margarita Cabrera, Paul del Bosque, Ana Teresa Fernandez, Sandra C. Fernandez, Nahum Flores, Rigoberto A. Gonzalez, Salvador Lopez, Oscar Magallanes, Michael Marshall, Stephanie Mercado, Brian Phillips, Patricia Tinajero, George Yepes, and Ernesto Yerena Montejano

The print completed for this project is a continuation of the exploration of the pursuit of the American Dream. It depicts an imaginary landscape with an anthropomorphic mountain at its center. At the mountain's peak in-between the Earth and the sky, sits an iconic house surrounded by a colorful garden that serves to entice figures below, and to adorn the mythical mountain figure's head as a crown. The mountain's tangled lace-like structure is constructed of figures crawling up and down its face and all-knowing enigmatic eyes. The silhouettes below, travel the dark and mysterious forest. Their ghostly multi-colored ambiguity representing an archetypal individual in pursuit of their dreams. 
The print is a limited edition serigraph, printed on archival paper. It is a 10 color print measuring 30 x 22" - paper size. The image size is 22 x 16".
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