Sunday, August 8, 2010

New Inspiration: Tulip Fever

In addition to working on art, I am constantly looking, reading and most of all... looking.
There is a great amount of research, notes and ideas scribbled in my sketchbooks about history, paintings and primarily... historical paintings. Since I have been working with themes concerning economics, the housing market, real-estate, colonialism, displays of wealth, etc. ... I have come across some intriguing finds. Among those finds is tulip fever, a frenzy that took place in the Netherlands in the 17th Century. Tulips became luxuries and were sold for thousands of florins, or up to three to four times as much as a working class merchant or skilled tradesman would make in one year's salary. The tulip market bubbled and then collapsed leading many working class people caught up in the frenzy to misfortune and bankruptcy, and  the Dutch economy in shambles.