Monday, July 12, 2010


Posing next to "Big Black" a work  in progress.

This is the second dress I have ever made. The first was the black and pink dress I made in dedication to my grandfather for the Calavera Fashion show in 2009. My educational background is in drawing and painting, and not in apparel construction. I create these garments intuitively often thinking about their shape and form for weeks before cutting and sewing away.
This dress mimics the language found in the drypoint prints. It will have a train made of black lace that drapes from the wall, creating a wallpaper effect like the detailed wallpapers found in my prints. It is constructed with layers of tulle and lace, some of which have land forms sewn onto them creating a wearable map.  Inside the head-dress will be a gold plated model ship, tying the theme of the dress into the larger body of work.