Sunday, June 27, 2010


Avenue 50 Studio in Highland Park presents, Women on the Verge featuring new works by Stephanie Mercado and Alpha Lubicz.

The exhibition will include dry point prints, carefully scratched to create a rich tonal range and intricately detailed imagery. It will also include Mercado's latest sculptural installation, modeled after 17th century French Fashion. Both the prints and the dress interpret and deconstruct the American Dream, and our consumerist culture. The result is a body of work that merges fashion with works on paper and combines historical images with contemporary socio-economic issues to redraw and reinterpret imagery that has shaped our ideas of prosperity for generations.

Alpha Lubicz is a collage artist who uses vintage imagery to create a new visual language, merging her own drawings with imagery appropriated from aged books. Through stream of consciousness she developes layered images rich with pattern and a sense of nostalgia.